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A Collection of Antique Colt Pistols

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This collection includes 11 antique Colt pistols manufactured between 1847 and 1867. Each of these firearms is a special piece from the American Frontier era or the Civil War. A few are historically important guns.

All of these Colts come from the same old Texas collection, and this is the first time this collection has been offered for sale on the open market.

We are honored to be able to offer these outstanding Colts to our clients and friends and the International Colt collectors community.

FIRST MODEL DRAGOON, Martially Marked #7571 (Mfg. 1848-1850)
A martially marked First Dragoon. One of only 7,000 total production first models. A rare piece.

SECOND MODEL U.S.M.R. DRAGOON, #9374 (Mfg. 1850-1851)
A United States Mounted Rifles 2nd model Dragoon in very good condition. One of a total production of only 2700 second models. Very good condition. A rare piece.

THIRD MODEL DRAGOON,Martially Marked #12278 (Mfg. 1851-61)
A really nice example of a U.S. third model Dragoon. This pistol is also apron-marked with the symbol of the First Flag of the Republic of Texas. A very rare and special Texas gun in great condition.

THIRD MODEL DRAGOON, Martially Marked #12052 (Mfg. 1851-61)
A really nice Civil War era Dragoon with great ivory grips. Considering the fancy grips, this was most likely a high ranking officer’s pistol. Very good condition.

1849 WELLS FARGO POCKET MODEL, #63781 (Mfg. 1853)
According to R.L. Wilson, the Wells Fargo model “represents the scarcer configuration of the many specimens of this interesting variation of the pocket model of 1849 because of the short barrel protuberance of the breech and of the barrel.”This is a really nice example of a popular and highly collectible Colt. Very good condition overall.

1860 ARMY, #16888E (Mfg. 1861) This is a finely engraved Army that was shipped directly to a Union Officer. Great Civil War pistol in very good condition. A beautiful Colt percussion revolver and a real piece of American history.

1860 ARMY, #167678E (Mfg. 1867)
As a post Civil War (1867) pistol, this Army is an excellent example of a New York engraved Colt that most likely ended-up as a Mexican presentation piece. Finely engraved with great, custom carved ivory grips, this is a very fancy pistol in excellent condition. A rare and very nice gun.

1851 NAVY (THIRD MODEL),#8858 (Mfg. 1851)
This engraved Navy is in excellent condition with near original finish. This is a very nice, engraved Navy from the first year of production. A very rare and valuable Navy.

1851 NAVY (THIRD MODEL), #82707 (Mfg. 1857)
A strong 51 Navy, very good condition. Well preserved finish.

This is a 100% original cased set that has been used, but is in very good condition. Included with the set is an authentic U.S. military belt buckle (ca. 1857), in absolutely pristine condition. A stunning set.

THE W.P. ZUBER COLT, 1851 NAVY (FOURTH MODEL) #114506 (MFG. 1861)
The Civil War pistol of W.P. Zuber. William Physick Zuber (1820-1913) was a soldier in the Army of the Republic of Texas under the command of General Sam Houston, an Indian fighter on the Texas Frontier, a Confederate soldier in the Civil War and, when he died in 1913, the last surviving veteran of the Battle of San Jacinto.

This is one of the most historically important Texas Colts to ever become available. A very important, museum quality firearm.

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