Sitting Bull

Ron Rundo

Artist Bio

Born in 1831, Sitting Bull was a Hunkpapa Lakota holy man who led the Sioux as chief during the years of resistance to U.S. government efforts to seize Sioux lands. Arguably the most famous Native American in history, Sitting Bull was a great warrior who earned over 50 eagle feathers for his battlefield bravery. He was the principal Lakota chief at the Battle of the Little Big Horn in 1876. Tatanka Iyote (“Buffalo Bull That Sits Down”) – his real name – was a healer, spiritual and political leader, and a fighter for his people, their way of life and their lands.The great chief was killed in 1890 by Indian Police acting on behalf of the U.S. Army. For generations of Native Americans, Sitting Bull is the real Spirit of America. Ron has captured the essence of the great man in this striking portrait.

Artist Bio

Born in Queens, New York on Oct. 14, 1960, Ron Rundo endured the majority of his growing pains in what many refer to as "The Concrete Jungle".

As an urban youth, Ron found comfort in the myriad of New York City museums and became enthralled. As a young adult, he willing broke free of his graffiti upbringing, and went on to study oil painting and figurative drawing for three years at The Arts Student League in New York City. He wisely chose to continue his studies in the old master painter tradition for many more years at the highly acclaimed John Frederic Murray Studio.

Ron has been mastering his profession for decades, evolving through a variety of artistic techniques and methods of application before settling on his own current, distinctive style. His photorealistic portraits of our Native American ancestors are compelling works of art that evoke strong emotion and vividly portray the true Spirit of America.

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