From A Distance

Edward Kucera

Artist Bio

Born in San Jose, California, Ed Kucera became a realist figure painter focused on intense, bright colors and subjects that included Spanish and Native American people.

He lived the first ten years of his life on the West Coast and then moved to a Nebraska farm. He worked road construction on Interstate Highway 80 and in 1984 enrolled in the guitar Institute of Technology in Hollywood for a one-year program. He traveled with a band for five years and then met Paulette, his future wife.

From 1989 to 1991, he studied at the Colorado Institute of Art and while there, earned money with fashion illustrations and magazine covers. For several years he earned money with limited edition prints of Indian women. He and his wife, with two young daughters, settled in South Denver where he has a large studio and devotes himself to oil painting, a medium he prefers because of its slow-drying qualities and blending abilities.

He continues to paint western subject matter including Indian portraits and is very admiring of the culture of these people. His paintings each take him about two weeks to complete.

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